Making Your Trees Safe and Inviting for Your KidsMaking Your Trees Safe and Inviting for Your Kids

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Making Your Trees Safe and Inviting for Your Kids

When many people talk about trees, they talk about pruning them or blocking their roots from hitting sidewalks or other things. I rarely hear anyone talk about making their trees more hospitable for their kids. Hi, my name is Gina. I am the mum of four sons, and if they couldn't climb the trees in our yard, they would be jumping on my furniture and climbing my walls all day long. Luckily, I have a friend who works in the tree service industry, and he has helped me with everything from assessing the safety of dead branches to adding swings to the trees to pruning them for easier climbing. As he can't be everywhere, I decided to share the tips and tricks I've learned from him and from our experience with trees. Enjoy!

Why Choose Treated Pine for Your Garden or Landscaping Sleepers?

A sleeper is like a low wall that you would add to your property, either as a decorative border or as a retaining wall that controls the flow of moisture and keeps back falling soil and dirt. Sleepers come in a variety of woods and you can even make your own types of sleepers or walls with rocks and boulders or other such materials, but treated pine is a favorite for many professional landscaping companies and tree services, like Australian Treated Pine. If you're looking to add a sleeper or other such wall to your outdoor space, note why treated pine can be the right choice for you as well.

1. Uniformity of pieces

Pine sleepers can be a better choice than rocks and other materials because of how they are cut to a uniform size. This can allow you to better plan out the sleeper wall; you don't need to worry about large boulders spilling into your landscaping feature itself, and don't need to just guess at how many you will need to fill a certain width of a trench. Pine is also easy to cut so if you need to create a smaller sleeper wall, you can easily saw down a length of pine, no doubt more easily than you can break a rock or concrete slab or other such material.

2. Versatility

You may want a sleeper wall to help retain moisture or provide a border for your garden, but if you want to create an outdoor seating area or walkway along that same area, this can be difficult to do with boulders and other such materials. With treated pine, you can use them as steps, a floor surface, or as studs and beams to create any variety of other such pieces. They can even be used to create boxes for your gardening areas or to hold sand as a play area for children. Unlike many other retaining wall materials, they can be used in a variety of ways to make your outdoor space look pulled together.

3. Rot and insect resistant

Treated pine will be resistant to rot and insects. Boulders may actually encourage insects to burrow in and around their crevices, and when moisture collects around them, this can allow for fungus and mildew. However, treated pine sleepers are built so that moisture cannot collect at their base and they won't encourage the growth of fungus. There are no crevices in a treated pine sleeper for insects to call home, so the ground around your garden or landscaping feature may be healthier and more protected when you choose treated pine.