Making Your Trees Safe and Inviting for Your KidsMaking Your Trees Safe and Inviting for Your Kids

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Making Your Trees Safe and Inviting for Your Kids

When many people talk about trees, they talk about pruning them or blocking their roots from hitting sidewalks or other things. I rarely hear anyone talk about making their trees more hospitable for their kids. Hi, my name is Gina. I am the mum of four sons, and if they couldn't climb the trees in our yard, they would be jumping on my furniture and climbing my walls all day long. Luckily, I have a friend who works in the tree service industry, and he has helped me with everything from assessing the safety of dead branches to adding swings to the trees to pruning them for easier climbing. As he can't be everywhere, I decided to share the tips and tricks I've learned from him and from our experience with trees. Enjoy!

Indications That You May Require Residential Tree Removals

Although trees are deemed a great addition to your yard, they are not exempt to disease and decay. Over time, trees may begin to lose their strength and become structurally compromised. This could be due to a number of reasons such as advanced age, an infestation, and more. Trees that are gradually becoming structurally compromised can prove to be hazardous both for your safety as well as for your property. Here are some of the indications that you may require residential tree removals.

Your tree begins leaning

Granted, some trees will have a natural lean that they have developed over time. This is normal, as it is their way of following the sunlight. However, if you notice that your tree has developed a sudden lean in one direction, then it could be a sign that part of the tree is dying or the roots have broken. This puts it at risk of falling over unexpectedly. When you notice a sudden lean, it is best to enlist the services of professional tree removals. They can come and diagnose what is causing the lean. This then helps them determine whether the problem can be rectified or if you would have to uproot the tree in its entirety.

The roots are visibly decaying

If you are concerned about your tree, the best place to look for signs of illness are the roots. Visibly decaying roots should be a major cause for concern, as these are what provide the foundational support for your tree. In addition, the root are what absorb nutrients for your tree. If they are in bad condition, it also indicates that your tree is not getting the proper nutrition, and this could lead to its gradual death. When you notice the roots of your tree are in bad shape, it is best to enlist the services of professional tree removals so that the problem can be resolved before the tree falls over.

The trunk is developing cavities

Another worrying symptom that your trees health has been compromised are cracks and cavities forming in its trunk. If left unchecked, these cavities can expand making the tree hollow. The hollower the trunk is, the less strength it will have to support the weight of the tree. When you notice the onset of cracks and cavities, it is best to have tree removalists from a company like Woodpecker Tree Services have a look at them. This gives them a chance to decide whether the tree can be saved or if it would be better to uproot it before it causes damage to your property.