Making Your Trees Safe and Inviting for Your KidsMaking Your Trees Safe and Inviting for Your Kids

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Making Your Trees Safe and Inviting for Your Kids

When many people talk about trees, they talk about pruning them or blocking their roots from hitting sidewalks or other things. I rarely hear anyone talk about making their trees more hospitable for their kids. Hi, my name is Gina. I am the mum of four sons, and if they couldn't climb the trees in our yard, they would be jumping on my furniture and climbing my walls all day long. Luckily, I have a friend who works in the tree service industry, and he has helped me with everything from assessing the safety of dead branches to adding swings to the trees to pruning them for easier climbing. As he can't be everywhere, I decided to share the tips and tricks I've learned from him and from our experience with trees. Enjoy!

Why Choose Treated Pine for Your Garden or Landscaping Sleepers?

A sleeper is like a low wall that you would add to your property, either as a decorative border or as a retaining wall that controls the flow of moisture and keeps back falling soil and dirt. Sleepers come in a variety of woods and you can even make your own types of sleepers or walls with rocks and boulders or other such materials, but treated pine is a favorite for many professional landscaping companies and tree services, like Australian Treated Pine. Read More