Making Your Trees Safe and Inviting for Your KidsMaking Your Trees Safe and Inviting for Your Kids

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Making Your Trees Safe and Inviting for Your Kids

When many people talk about trees, they talk about pruning them or blocking their roots from hitting sidewalks or other things. I rarely hear anyone talk about making their trees more hospitable for their kids. Hi, my name is Gina. I am the mum of four sons, and if they couldn't climb the trees in our yard, they would be jumping on my furniture and climbing my walls all day long. Luckily, I have a friend who works in the tree service industry, and he has helped me with everything from assessing the safety of dead branches to adding swings to the trees to pruning them for easier climbing. As he can't be everywhere, I decided to share the tips and tricks I've learned from him and from our experience with trees. Enjoy!

Reasons Why You Should Opt For Stump Grinding

If you have recently felled a tree on your premises, then you may require tree services that offer stump grinding. As the name suggests, these procedures involve the professional tree servicemen coming in and grinding down the stump to the ground so as to eliminate the protrusion that is left behind once a tree is cut down. Although some homeowners may not think this is a necessary procedure, it is actually quite to the contrary. Read More 

DIY Tree Stamp Removal Techniques

In a large number of cases, tree removal specialists have extra charges if they're expected to remove tree stumps after the tree has been cut down. This is because stump removal is a more involving activity as compared to basic tree removal. The hands-on kind of homeowner can save on the cost of stump removal by choosing to undertake stump removal without professional assistance. This article discusses a few DIY stump removal techniques that homeowners can use. Read More 

General rules of thumb in hiring a tree service company

The yard, with all its trees, is one part of the home where families get to enjoy each other's company as well as that of the neighbours and close friends. The trees therefore should be kept in a condition that makes the yard suitable for hanging out. From chopping off unsafe overhanging branches to uprooting old stumps to make space, tree service makes the yard a better place. If the home owner cannot do the tree service personally, there are companies, such as Rallis Timber Pty Ltd, that have the expertise to offer these services at a fee. Read More 

Indications That You May Require Residential Tree Removals

Although trees are deemed a great addition to your yard, they are not exempt to disease and decay. Over time, trees may begin to lose their strength and become structurally compromised. This could be due to a number of reasons such as advanced age, an infestation, and more. Trees that are gradually becoming structurally compromised can prove to be hazardous both for your safety as well as for your property. Here are some of the indications that you may require residential tree removals. Read More 

3 Ways Your Local Tree Lopping Service Can Save Your Decorative Trees

Choosing to have decorative trees as part of your landscape, you may think that simple pruning will keep them looking their best. Though proper pruning is vital to the health and appearance of your decorative trees, it may not prevent them from illness and disease. If your decorative trees have fallen ill, consider the following ways your local tree lopping service can save them and keep your landscape looking just the way you like it. Read More