Making Your Trees Safe and Inviting for Your KidsMaking Your Trees Safe and Inviting for Your Kids

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Making Your Trees Safe and Inviting for Your Kids

When many people talk about trees, they talk about pruning them or blocking their roots from hitting sidewalks or other things. I rarely hear anyone talk about making their trees more hospitable for their kids. Hi, my name is Gina. I am the mum of four sons, and if they couldn't climb the trees in our yard, they would be jumping on my furniture and climbing my walls all day long. Luckily, I have a friend who works in the tree service industry, and he has helped me with everything from assessing the safety of dead branches to adding swings to the trees to pruning them for easier climbing. As he can't be everywhere, I decided to share the tips and tricks I've learned from him and from our experience with trees. Enjoy!

When Trees Fall Victim to Hail Stones: Why Hail-Ravaged Trees Should Be Removed

Australia is no stranger to hail storms, especially along the east coast where the massive hail storm of 1999 battered Sydney, costing the city $1.7 billion in insurance losses. Homes, vehicles and gardens are all at risk when the heavens decide to rain their icy cricket balls on the earth below. Trees caught in these storms are often shredded, their limbs broken and their trunks covered with wounds. In 2016, 200,000 pine trees in Kowen Forest, Canberra, were badly damaged by a hailstorm, which left them wounded and at the mercy of fungal spores. Read More 

Mature Tree Vs Young Tree: 4 Reasons Buying Mature Trees from Nurseries is More Beneficial

A garden without a tree is like a mantelpiece without any ornaments. So much potential, yet so little to show for it. Mature trees offer properties a myriad of benefits. They provide comfort for tired homeowners at the end of long work days, shade for swimming pools and decking and even help you reduce your energy bill costs. However, if you are looking to take advantage of the array of benefits offered by trees, by purchasing several from a nearby nursery, keep in mind it might be years before you can enjoy these benefits--unless you buy mature trees. Read More